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The following titles were published from 1979 onwards.
All are now out of print, but A WOMAN'S WORLD, 138-9 Chri Plus, has been republished and is available from Amazon and bookshops.
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John Hillier
Jonathan Holst, a married man in his mid-thirties, decides to make a brief visit, on his own, to an 'Iron Curtain' country shortly after the 'Curtain' has been raised.
The visit begins as a pleasant, if unexciting, tourist trip. But soon, leaving 'the West', he finds himself prey to a nightmare of menace and uncertainty. He's in a world of doubt, a world in which each action and event, however ordinary and even trivial it may seem, has taken on unusual importance, even urgency.
A WOMAN'S WORLD 138-9 Chri Plus (1980)
Hilary Jerome
It is 2122 AD, or rather, 138 Chri Plus, in Chriland, the structure of English cities which Britain has by then become. Here is an outwardly peaceful, contented and beautifully organized society dominated by women. There are males, but they are shut away in semenaries; there are manikins, but they are little more than pets, they have no power in this society.
It is a new society: a woman's world. But maybe somewhere beyond its confines there are pockets of an older one, 'primordial' communities, men's worlds, as well. And maybe, too, this new society is not quite as peaceful and contented as it seems.
John Hillier
She had been occupied, somewhat as Vienna, as Austria, had been occupied in 1945; except that she had been occupied in a different way. Not by the Four Powers of the present, but, more subtly and profoundly, by the power of the past: her attitude, and the attitude of others, to her gender.
'I'd felt compelled to get married — to a man I didn't love, and, more importantly, didn't much care for or respect — because I needed, and felt that this was the only way I could achieve, security.'
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